An Independent Municipal Financial Advisory and Consulting Firm

Lewis Young Robertson & Burningham, Inc. ("LYRB") was established in July 1995 as an independent municipal securities firm focusing primarily in the Utah and Intermountain West markets. Our firm provides local governments and public entities with cost-effective and creative financing and consulting solutions. We adhere to the highest professional and service standards.
STAY CURRENT: When to Execute an Advanced Refunding: A Literary Interpretation
A famous song performed by Dinah Washington includes the verse - "What a difference a day makes".  While the subject matter of the song is different from the performance of the financial markets over the past several years (love versus diabolical torture), we certainly see that the market is driven to and fro, on a daily basis, by events around the world.  It is often clear that logic may not be the driving force as traders react to news which could be likened to a "herd" mentality.  Read More