Consulting Projects Overview

North Salt Lake, Utah – Business License Fee Study

Lewis Young Robertson & Burningham recently performed a business license fee study for the City of North Salt Lake. This study utilized basic administrative costs, direct business license costs, and disproportionate service expenditures. The disproportionate expenditures included extra operations required for 1) special regulations and inspections, and/or 2) calls for service from the police and fire departments that exceed the base levels of service provided in the community. The study produced ten fee categories to ensure all businesses paid equitable fees.

Ogden City, Utah – Service Fee Rate Study

Lewis Young Robertson & Burningham conducted a service fee rate study of the Ogden City water and sewer utilities. The purposes of the study were to determine equitable rates that ensured the utilities did not subsidize one another and for the city to cover bonds for necessary capital improvements. Lewis Young worked closely with city staff and an appointed citizen group to ensure the community understood the issues affecting the utilities and to bring them on-board to the rate changes. The City also retained Lewis Young’s financial advisory team to assist in the issuance of the City’s SERIES 2008 WATER AND SEWER BONDS.

South Valley Sewer District, Salt Lake County, Utah – Sewer Rate Analysis 

A financial analysis and cash-flow model were prepared for South Valley Sewer District by Lewis Young to ensure financial sufficiency to the district and equitable cost allocation to users. Special considerations in this study included the allocation of costs to three distinct service areas and the district’s need to finance the construction of a new membrane bioreactor. The analysis now serves as a financial planning tool for the district.

Washington County Water Conservancy District, Utah – Capital Facilities Plan and Impact Fee Study

Lewis Young assisted Washington County Water Conservancy District in the preparation of a Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) and Impact Fee Study for future district water source and infrastructure for the county. The CFP and Impact Fee Analysis focused on creating a regional water pooling effort to be led by the district. The primary project involved in the pooling plan was the Lake Powell Pipeline, accounting for approximately $1 billion in costs. As part of the CFP, Lewis Young prepared the financial plan for the County-wide pooling.

Weber Basin Water Conservancy District, Davis County, Utah – Impact Fee Study

A region within the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District was experiencing tremendous growth and needed to build facilities to handle the secondary water system. Within this area, there are two separate Impact Fee service areas. Lewis Young calculated the District’s secondary water impact fees to ensure sufficient and proper funding of the growth-related facilities.