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Lewis Young Robertson & Burningham was founded on the principal that every issuer of municipal bonds should have representation which is solely engaged in protecting its rights and position.  Underwriters and other purchasers of bonds must satisfy both the buy and sell side of the transaction.  LYRB is a registered broker dealer that does not sell securities and acts only in the capacity of a financial advisor.  Therefore, we have no conflicts of interest and can represent the best interests of our clients.

Historically, the firm has provided financial advisory services to a broad range of municipal clients including cities, towns, counties, water and sewer districts, RDA and related entities, school districts, municipal building authorities and a wide array of special districts.  Lewis Young Robertson & Burningham acts as financial advisor in the State of Utah on more transactions in any given year than any other provider of such services.  The firm routinely is involved in general obligation and a wide variety of revenue bond issues which include tax-exempt, taxable, fixed rate, variable rate, interest rate swaps, Build America Bonds and other structures.

Generally, financial advisory services include a review and analysis of funding options, coordination and implementation of bond issuance and assistance in the preparation and marketing of debt issues.  The process may include, but not be limited to, (1) examining the finance structure, (2) reviewing applicable documents, (3) obtaining bond ratings, (4) where applicable, obtaining bond insurance, (5) selecting underwriters, (6) providing information to potential bond purchasers, and (7) providing ancillary services to insure that the issuance of debt is effectively executed.